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<h3>Entity</h3> <p>Outputs variables to the page.</p> Example: &mvt:store:name; <h3>Variable</h3> <p>Is used to store and retreive information. Also, allows you to program logic</p> Example: l.settings:store:name <h3>This condition will not work</h3> <mvt:comment> <mvt:if expr="&mvt:store:name; EQ 'test' "> This does not work. Compile Error </mvt:if> </mvt:comment> <h3>This condition will work</h3> <mvt:if expr="l.settings:store:name EQ 'MVT Fiddle' "> <p>This does work!</p> </mvt:if> <h3>This will output to the page</h3> <p>Welcome to &mvt:store:name;!</p> <h3>This will not output to the page</h3> </p>Welcome to l.settings:store:name;</p>